How Important Is Growth & Predictability?

As you can gather from Joe Dunn's comments in the segment above, our approach is proven to increase the probability of achieving organizational goals. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled value and ROI to NC-area organizations. Click below for more on DunnWell's Six Disciplines experience:

"We've known what we should be doing, but weren't doing it. Now, things are happening" says Richard Smith, President of Laser Image Printing & Marketing. Click below for more:

"Craig and his team are not typical consultants. They add value beyond just collecting and presenting good ideas" says Jim Petrilla, CEO of BioAgilytix Labs. Click below for more:

Stay On Track With A 'Business GPS'

  • Practicing Six Disciplines usually means changing how you plan and get work done. By using a GPS-like system to facilitate Six Disciplines, it is easier to keep everyone on track. We help our clients develop a custom 'Business GPS' using tools like Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, or Netsuite*

  • Six Disciplines integrates many modern business philosophies like Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and David Allen's Getting Things Done into a practical methodology. The result: predictable, profitable growth!

What We Do & How We're Different:

  • Strategy Execution Coaching is our unique way of developing organizational effectiveness. Much like Six Sigma or Lean for an entire organization, we help you to implement and practice the Six Disciplines methodology through a custom mix of business coaching and software tools. This allows us to impact areas such as: strategic planning, team alignment, innovation/change management, process/project management, and leadership/personnel development.

  • Serving only the NC communities where we live and work every day allows us to provide unparalleled service flexibility. So when unexpected management issues pop up, we are close by and ready to resolve them with you ASAP.

  • We build long-term relationships and always work towards outcomes instead of billing hours. Our clients enjoy knowing that they can ramp up our involvement when they need it most without worrying about unexpected costs. We are always "on call" - but never "on the clock". After one cycle with us, our clients see us as part of their own team!

* - Netsuite products and services offered through partnership with our friends at Lohmueller Consulting
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